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Current heat Alert

24 Jun - 27 Jun

09:00 - 18:00


Alert & Ready - Heatwave is forecast.

A Yellow Heat Health Alert has been issued from Monday 24 until Thursday 27 June. Check on elderly neighbours and friends, keep hydrated with cool drinks.

What is heatAlert?

HeatAlert is a FREE service for the people of East Sussex that alerts you by text, voicemail or email when there are heatwaves or very hot temperatures forecast in your area. By providing advance warning of heatwaves there is time for you to plan and take preventative action.

The service runs annually from June to September.

You can register at any time to receive heatwave alerts.

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Heat Alert Forecasting


Heatwave and Summer preparedness - Conditions back to normal.

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Alert & Ready - Heatwave is forecast.

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Heatwave Action - temperature reached in one or more Met Office National Severe Weather Warning Service regions.

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Central government declares a Level 4 alert in the event of severe or prolonged heatwave affecting sectors other than health.

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